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birthday. thank you for making us america's choice for evening news on cable. bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> if we let cable television come to town hall meetings and killed health-care reform for another year. bill: a obama spokesperson robert gibbs giving fox news a jab there, and it looks like the president may be setting himself up against austria is that smart? dick morris will analyze -- against us. is that smart? >> i do not get it. i do not get it. do you all think you are persuading people when you shout out like that? bill: a new poll shows that folks are turning against the obama health-care program, and almost everywhere -- >> you do not trust me?
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you know, i do not know what else i can do. bill: we will continue our reporting on this stunning story. >> ♪ she was only 16 bill: and some people are concerned about only 16-year- old miley cyrus becoming a sex symbol. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute hi, i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. as the obama administration declared war on fox news? that is the subject of tonight's talking points memo. it is known that some in the media, cnn and msnbc, generally support president obama in the health-care arenas. this was said to matt lauer. -- in the health-care koarena.
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>> putting the special interests back in charge. bill: he is obviously criticizing and it sounds like he is pointing for a fight, is seen not -- he is obviously criticizing fox news. is he not? 14 these numbers tell the story. even the fox news has big ratings, fox news has nothing to do with the negative ratings. now, we invited robert gibbs on the program tonight, and once again, he declined, which is foolish. he and his cohorts should all over fnc to convince you that what they are doing is good, but, instead, gibbs is living in cheap-shot alley.
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yesterday, president obama said this. >> there is this notion that somehow we will be cutting or medicare benefits. we are not. the aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it were undermining medicare. bill: but the night before the president said that, the aarp said this on "the factor." >> we have not endorsed any specific piece of legislation right now, but we really are intent on fixing the health-care system and the parts that affect our members. bill: this does not help his credibility, which depressed challenge to debate. >> yesterday, the president said the aarp endorsed the plan. as you are aware, aarp said yesterday they have not endorsed a plan. where on the information scale or the disinformation scale but the president's remarks fall? >> -- with the president's remarks fall? >> -- would the president's
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remark fall? >> i do not think it is anything untoward. bill: the issue is not untoward. it is untrue. and then there was this exposition. >> what is your name? >> julia from massachusetts. >> a nice to meet you, julia -- nice to meet you. >> i saw a lot of signs when i came in. how can there be a change in health care to help us? >> i have seen some of those signs. bill: a cute little girl, but the question was a setup. julia's mother is the coordinator of the massachusetts women for obama during the election. now, in my opinion, and julia was said the question. she is reading it. by the way, "the boston globe" uncovered that.
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did president obama know about the setup? did robert gibbs? again, it is incredibly dumb and again challenges the president's credibility. he is questioning the legitimacy of people questioning him, and then they use a child as a set up? what is going on? there is no question that americans are furious about how health care is being carried out. today, another town hall meeting was held in maryland. >> this government is out of control. we are in debt up to our eyeballs, and you all are doing nothing but putting more debt on cause and our children, and it has got to stop. what are you going to do about it -- putting more debt on us and on our children. >> there is going to be some disagreement, and i understand that. i think that the obama administration has already started to restore trust in health care. [crowd grumbling]
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bill: that is an obstinate -- optimistic view for you. and then, 1005 water people showed up to listen to claire mccaskill. >> i honestly do not get it -- 1500 people showed up. [crowd grumbling] >> i beg your pardon? you do not trust me? [crowd yells, "no"] bill: we understand her frustration, and she will be here on "the factor" in some moments, but millions of americans are skeptical about obama's leadership on health care because he has not been able to demonstrate that it will make their lives better pick it is as simple as that. one way to persuade them is to
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appear on the nation's prime- time news program, "the factor," and fox news in general. he should be all over our network. most of us what robust debate, but most of them do not show up, and now looks like the obama administration wants a war with fox is. let me ask you, who is that going to help? us. our ratings are already sorry. they are dying. we are on fire. if the obama administration -- our ratings are already soaring. if they do not, they are dunderheads. there comes a time when the benefit of the doubt ships. misstating the aarp position, using a young girl as a setup, and attacking a news organization that actually covers the news honestly does not look good. your health-care vision is not playing in peoria or other
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bill: continuing now about the
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possible war between the obama administration and fox news, and we hope that does not happen. dick morris as a book that deals in part with the health- care controversy, "catastrophe." you saw the report. any comments on it? >> first, let me get to be a part of it. aarp is the biggest group that represents the elderly, and there are these insurance companies that make money selling insurance policies to people, and that happened when the insurance drugs thing happens. they want the obama plan in some form past, although they have not supported -- when the insurance drugs thing happened. -- drug thing. aarp is definitely played a double game. as is the president. he goes into this town meeting, and he says, "do not let the
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special interests sink health care." well, what special interests? the hospital association and the aarp are supporting it. every single special interest group and the united states -- bill: i do not think ama is. they took out an advertisement in "the times." we could spend on all night debating the minutia, but i do not think that goes anywhere. >> the elderly. bill: he is losing it. and yesterday, what about the little girl? >> yes. bill: if obama is going to say to the nation that a lot of these protesters are right- winger loons that come in it to insult me, and then he uses his daughter of an obama supporter to ask a planted question, have you seen anything that dumb in your life?
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"the boston globe" put it out. >> when he got out there, and he said they were not going to cut medicare benefits, let me explain what the facts are,. he is going to cut their reimbursement rate to doctors and hospitals for medicare. they will pay them less for an mri, mess for a doctor's visit, less or heart surgery, which it will ask for a doctor's visit, and in a capitalistic society -- they will pay less for an mri, less for a doctor's visit, less for a heart surgery, and that means there will be fewer of them. bill: you said there'd be rationed health care and that many people would get out of the business. >> a shrink and demand. bill: i think that is true. but i want to get back to the
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central issue. you saw gibbs take a shot at fox news. >> that is ridiculous. bill: why does he do it? >> they play into our hands of opposing it, but they take on the demonstrators. these are not long haired hippies that burned draft cards. if you look at the people in the audience, and they are literally on medicare, and when an old person sees another old person complaining, and they see rahm emanuel saying that they are carrying a swastika or nancy pelosi saying that are others saying they are un-american, they go crazy, and what is happening is a small group of senators that want to push this through, without a majority, with 50 votes, the narrowest and necessary. schumer wants it passed by september 15. -- the narrowest that is necessary. a legitimate, understandable and anchor.
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-- understandable anger. bill: the left wing has been doing this for 40 years, but getting back to gibbs. und a administration. who was the spokesman when you were there -- u.n. in the administration -- you were in the administration. the was the spokesperson? >> mccurry. he is far too smart to do that. bill: is that not stupid? >> by setting up that polarization, they will say they are curious, and they will tune in your radio show. bill: they tried to do that with rush limbaugh, and i think they had a victory by having rush limbaugh running the republican party, and now they are trying to do that to fox ms. buy saying, "fox news is trying to destroy it -- they are trying to do that with fox news by saying, "fox news is trying to distort
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it -- to destroy it. do not let them." >> they are pointing out the facts about it. i have had 150,000 people buy my book so far. people are learning the facts and understanding that if this thing goes through it is going to be like canada. 8-week waits if you have cancer. canada has a 25% higher cancer rates. this is life and death. bill: if they do not get the micro of it, they are getting the macro of it, that there are going to be big changes, and the changes could be harmful. budick morris, everybody. by his book, "catastrophe." directly ahead, senator claire mccaskill will be here. i will be gentle with her.
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and later, miley cyrus. is the 16-year-old being marketed as a sex sex
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bill: as we mentioned in the talking points memo, senator claire mccaskill was treated me malaise. -- meanly. >> we want to see the government resolves health care -- >> how are you going to vote yes on this bill? you work for us. >> i am so disappointed. honestly, i am. bill: all right, joining us now
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from st. louis is senator mccaskill. what do you think is driving the anchor here? -- anger hear? >> there is distrust in the government. -- anger here. people are not really sure about all of the plans, the tarp, this stimulus, omnibus, and it is all kind of rolled up into the frustration, and that is the anger that you see. i understand it. it is important that i understand it. i do not think being allowed makes you right, and i do not think that route is a particular persuasive, but at the end of the day, it is important to listen, and i am glad to have my job. bill: was it a legitimate display of anger? >> i think it has been a mistake for anyone to say that this has been a manufactured effort on
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the part of many of these folks that are shouting out. this is real. it is grass roots. now, they are organizing, but that is what we do in america. people do it on the left, and people do it on the right. most people in the middle, frankly, do not, and that is where i am tried to stay focused. the state is split 50/50, and i think we need to bring them together and have a compromise. bill: we do need a reform in the health-care industry, but it is chaotic right now, and part of it is the president's fault because he has not been able to articulate in a number of press conferences what this is all about. are you disappointed in the way the president has presented his vision of health care? >> well, i think the problem is, bill, is that there has been an effort to let these bills grow organically in congress, and there is a reason why they compare lawmaking to sausage making. you have a lot of opinions, a
5:23 am
lot of pushing and pulling. one bill will emerge in the house, and one bill will emerge in the senate, and there will be a lot of debate and discussion, and that is when you will see a lot of it coming together. bill: i am ok intellectually. i graduated from harvard. i do not know what it is talking about. >> i will not hold that against you. bill: listen, i am with you on that. i do not know what he is talking about. it is my job. i do not know. neil cavuto was talking about the house bill being held up more than 1000 pages. have you heard about that, senator? >> we will not be voting on the house bill. i went to get prepared on -- i read 650 pages on the senate bill. -- 615 pages. bill: no bill should be 615 pages, because of folks cannot get that. you have to distill it down to 5
5:24 am
pages, and you have to bullet point it out, like i do every night on "the factor." now, there is deep distrust, like you just said, a deep distrust, and do you know what it is all about? it is all about big government intrusion into the lives of americans. most americans do not want that. all only the far left want that. even the liberals do not want big government intrusion. that is what this is, senator. it is big government. >> well, i do not know it at the end of the date it will be big government. bill: and 600-page bill has to be. >> -- if at the end of the day it will be big government. bill: a 600-page bill has to be. nobody wants to get rid of medicare. >> that is a big government intrusion. government-run health program. it is massive and complicated. bill: it is bankrupting this
5:25 am
country. it has to be reformed. >> that is why we have to work on this bill. i wish -- believe me. i like it straight forward and plain and simple. i want to talk like a regular person always. i agree that we have to stop writing these bills that are staffed driven and more complex than they need to be, but i hope as the weeks go on and we drill down and simplify the concept better in this bill, for the american people that we can bring them along, because i think we cannot afford to do that. bill: if it were fair and understandable, i think you will get it done. if it is not, you will not. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. bill: there is concern that 16- year-old miley cyrus is turning into a sex symbol, something disney should not want to happen. we will show you the evidence. and deep into the health care and deep into the health care abates -- debate.
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bill: bill: in the barack and hard place segment, are all of the candidates were they? monica crowley is here. along with alan colmes. ted kennedy, a very, very ill. he gets honored.
5:29 am
does he deserve the medal of freedom -- ted kennedy, very, very ill. >> when you look at the list, with the exception of jack kemp and sandra day o'connor, this is liberal. it is privately ok to charge it to ted kennedy. it is supposed to honor and celebrate somebody's entire lives, and there were events that in 1969 that perhaps we should not be honoring -- to celebrate somebody's entire life. >bill: chappaquiddick was difficult. >> he was also kicked out of harvard for cheating. i would not have given him the metal. i in trying to stigman theology -- ideology out it -- i would not have given him the medal. i am trying to take ideology out
5:30 am
of it. bill: i have got six of these, monica, so i have to move along. ok, monica says know about ted kennedy. alan: i have no problem with jack kemp. i like him very much, personally. i miss him. i think he was a terrific guy, a true, but conservative but also gave a lot to the country. bill: the secretary of health and human services, helping the downtrodden and the poor. i think he was an ideologue. you have no problem with kennedy? ok. let us go to hardly milk, celebrated in a movie recently by sean penn, and he was assassinated. >> i say yes to this one. he was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in america. he talked a lot about human rights in america. i think that whether there is a political tinge to this, because
5:31 am
obama is getting a lot of flak from the gay community about not supporting them. bill: you can hardlvey milk. alan: george w. bush did george tenet the same honor, and this is a guy and said iraq was a slam dunk. it was promoted to go into the mid east, and those are terrible, i should say, a terrific mistakes. bill: desmond tutu has about 40 jews -- has it out for the jews. he said the jewish people -- that does not bother you? alan: yes, it does bother me as a jewish person.
5:32 am
it bothers me as a human person. you can look into anyone's back rent. bill: but that does not go into tutu -- you can look into anyone's background. billie jean king, a tennis player. >> i say absolutely yes to billie jean king. i think thosis was a good choice. bill: just as an athlete? not as a gay athlete? >> i think when people look at billie jean king, they see a very effective tennis player and someone working against sexism. bill: again, the final one is m&a robinson. -- mary robinson. she left the job to become involved with the united nations, said some very controversial things after 9/11,
5:33 am
that the united states was overreacting to the terror threat. alan: i think we were overreacting. we went into iraq. but she also broke the gender barrier in ireland. she fought for women to get on juries. she was the first person to fight for women who were married:o bill: you are ok with her. alan: she has broken barriers worldwide and has done a great job. bill: i broke a barrier.
5:34 am
i am broken many barriers. why did i not get it? do i get anything? >> you can still get the presidential medal. bill: i will be in the ground. when you are elected president, i might get it, monica. alan: what are you going into the chronology. you are playing the victim -- why are you going into victimology? >> may i say something about mary robinson? there are anti-israel policies. bill: you would not have given her the medal. >> no, i would not have given her the medal. bill: all right, you guys can continue it outside. when we come back, the health- care battle. care battle. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts...
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. in the miller said in a cd, the battle raging all over the country. dennis miller, heard on westwood one, joins us now -- in the miller segment tonight. all right, you heard what we talked about today. in new hampshire. we had fear and loathing in maryland and missouri, calling senator mccaskill, who we had
5:38 am
on. she seems like a very nice woman. they were yelling at her villa what say you? >> first of all, i wish i could attract enemies like gibbs at the white house -- they were yelling at her. what say you? i admire you. i think you are in a good place. bill: do you want to explain robert oppenheimer to the audience? >> he has something to do with insurance. no, he was the guy who built the atom bomb. bill: i thought it was very lean, of robert gibbs to attack fox news. -- i thought it was very weak of robert gates to attack fox news. >> he reminds me of the -- of robert gibbs to attack fox news. >> he reminds me of the pc and mac guys. you can hear them outside tapping the baseball bats, like
5:39 am
they are out with karl malden. i am not surprised why nobody wants to speak up when president obama shows up. he will trash you if the obscures' -- if he thinks something about you. i saw what they did to joe the plumber. you do not want the most popular guy in the world signaling you out and calling you a square. he plays hardball. i can see why nobody wants to step up and get in his bad graces. bill: wellcome he is very, very accomplished in front of groups. -- well, he is very, very accomplished. >> not that accomplished, bill. listen, when you can stand up in front of a room in today's climes, to advance your cause, you can sit look at ups and fedex. it is the post office that has trouble. and nobody calls you on that?
5:40 am
you just have a free pass. i am convinced that barack obama can get in a flight suit and land on a flight deck and use the mission accomplished sign. it looks like he has a free pass, to me. bill: d-con's sailed through the first almost six months of the administration -- he almost sailed through. then, bang. all of the polls show that the they can try to blame it on fox news, but that is ridiculous -- the polls show that. they can blame it all on fox news, but that is ridiculous. >> when you it traced back -- when you trace this back, america is say they are willing to take care of people need a leg up. they do not want to help people but they think are a screw up, and when you tell them that you're going to get people that are not here legally, they get really angry.
5:41 am
help the people that need help. do not help the screw ups, and if you are not here legally, none of this applies to you. that is the anger bubbling up there. bill: there is a lot of different aspects to it. now, nancy pelosi, another polarizing figure, does not help barack obama at all, it is having some issues out in california, i understand. what exactly is that? >> the law from calling people liars, calling people un- american and referring that they are not cease, nancy pelosi's he seems to always be able to put the ugly as possible face on something -- nancy pelosi seems to always be able to put the ugliest possible face on something. i will tell you something about a guided tour for nancy pelosi across the vineyard. it will be hard to tell the old, scrunched up prints.
5:42 am
i think so where she will come across lucy ricardo and the gypsy. if people want to show up and wind 4 nancy pelosi -- show up and whine for nacy pelosi. she is the only person in the country where you can leave the box next to her name and tea, and they assume you are voting for her. -- leave the box next to her name empty. bill: i wonder what they are serving their. do you know? >> i would never go near nancy pelosi's -- i wonder what they are serving there. >> i will never go near nancy pelosi. i think there are people who are karma compromises. if you are next to them, they put you in trouble. bill: you would not go if they
5:43 am
gave you a free ticket and a helicopter ride? i would go to cause chaos. >> like i said, i like a good dustup just like the next day. to not call her on what a vapid and nt had a piece of work she is puts your own car in compromise. -- vapid and empty piece of work. bill: wow. i know about the karma's think, but maybe we can wear an asbestos suits or anything -- i know about the karma thing, but maybe we can wear an asbestos suit. >> does this not define the wiggle room we give these mindless idiots on capitol hill? bill: there is a woman who wants to run around naked, and she
5:44 am
says the cops had given her the go-ahead. roll the tape. >> at an even where naked, and a request by until they a bad food, and then they got conscious about it. i stopped eating bad food one year ago. bill: do you know her, miller? have you ever met her? >> no, but i will say this, upon first blush, and this is the first item seen her, i do not think she is hot enough to walk around naked. let's put it this way, bill. when you go next door to bar sugar from your neighbor, are you able to bar a big cup of sugar or a c cup of sugar. i guess that is what it comes down to. bill: that sounds a little chauvinistic, but i do not know. ok, nancy pelosi's best friend in a moment. 16-year-old miley cyrus. issue becoming a sex symbol? and is that damaging to the disney brand -- issue becoming a
5:45 am
sex symbol? state jered as the factor continues in the u.s.a. and all around the world -- is she becoming a sex symbol? becoming a sex symbol?
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
bill: "back of the book" segment, a very controversial statement, linking health care to racism. >> some of the stanozol meetings, including the one we saw in missouri recently, where there are jokes about lynching, etc. -- some of those town hall meetings. whether or not socialism is becoming the new the n-word, frankly, for some angry people.
5:49 am
i hope that is not the case. bill: joining us is jane skinner and courtney friel. i did not know what the lynching thing was. did you find out what that was? >> he is a guide and made a name on it website, where he calls himself an optimist and says he is all about promoting the positive. i am not sure what he said there is promoting the positive. i guess you could point to a couple of different places. one is some loony tune in maryland hong an effigy outside of a congressman's office. -- hung an effigy outside of the congressman's office. people with white sheets running around. bill: hanging somebody in effigy is not a lynching. it is a formal protest that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years, so there is no lynchings in play here right now, nothing, and the other thing is, courtney, you have a real
5:50 am
tenuous relationship between health care and racism. i am not getting this. >> watching this video, i immediately as a reporter wanted to contact them. bottom-line, like to put on his blog, he was just offering this up. -- like he put on his blog. bill: i do not know if national television is the place to do that. ok. miley cyrus. big star. disney manufactures her. she goes to the teen choice awards and does a rather risque performance. am i correct? let's go to this. she has a little pole here. i do not know what that means. she has got the short pants on. it is summertime. >> she is 16 years old, and she has got some short shorts on. per brought initially, and is definitely questionable scenery
5:51 am
-- her bra was showing, it is definitely questionable scenery. she is only 16 years old. bill: if you were her mother, which you have approved that routine? >> i would have kept the ice- cream cart and maybe added a little umbrella. -- would you have approved that retain proof bill: -- retainwouu have approved that routine? bill: ok, so you would have made some changes. >> we have seen this before when they try to cross over into the adult market. bill: ok, again, as a mother, when you have said yes or no to that routine? >> you know i would have said no. bill: 16, going to be 17 in the fall, you would have said get off of the ice-cream cart and
5:52 am
away from creampole, no matter where it is -- and away from that pole? she will do well. she is a role model for a lot of young girls. all right, ladies, thank you very much, as we move ahead. "pinheads and patriots." tonight, one of the most watched videos ever. . . you need listerine® whitening vibrant white™ rinse. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter than the leading toothpaste.
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and kills bad breath germs. listerine® whitening vibrant white™.
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bill: time for pinheads and patriots. machines are taking over the world with millions of people addicted to blackberries and whatever eelse they have. now watch out for robots. toyota has released video of its running human noid robot, it's about 4'0", weighs about 140 pounds and can run. running robots could be patriots if they're doing errands for us. but if they turn and kill us, that would be another story. on the pinhead front last week we showed you this. >> ♪ they was doing the bop the teens had the dancing floor loply pop with peggy sue ♪
5:55 am
bill: the video looked fake to us, it is, courtesy of microsoft office which manufactured it. you cannot believe what you see these days. pin heads, you make the call. and tonight's mail, this is the last week for to get discounts on gear. note that all women's shirts are on sale this week. now to letters. nancy forrest, tulsa, oklahoma. bill: that's a concern for sure, nancy. we're not make anything accusation bus we'll stay on the story.
5:56 am
bill: that is true but serial numbers can be traced and we hope the f.b.i. is doing that. bill: if a company is, that'll be the end of them, sir. bill: did you know that rhymes, max? bill: i know this, doctor, i wouldn't let you examine me.
5:57 am
bill: excellent. bill: excellent question, barb. we've been around 13 years now. bill: that will torture him and might wise him up. probably not. many who hate us do so blindly. bill: i appreciate that. the line is from the sabotage of a school play that i
5:58 am
participated in at st. bridget's school out on long island. our website, i did a seven-minute talking points memo about the unraveling of president obama's health care presentation and the possible war the obama administration might want to start against fox. if you missed that, you can get it there. email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. here's the word of the day, please do not be odious when writing to us. and don't be odious ever. odious is not a good thing to be. that's it for us today. the factor continues 24/7 on we'll see you premium members on the factor post-game show. we do hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops right
5:59 am
here. because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, everyone. town hall meetings all around the country. why is one congresswoman taking a phone call during one of these town hall meetings? we will speak to the cancer survivor who was trying to tell her story when she was rudely interrupted. steve: the congresswoman needed to take that phone call. days ago, hillary clinton reminded everybody who is boss. >> you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. steve:

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